Pennsylvania Solar Incentives

What makes solar more affordable in Pennsylvania

Despite the lack of a state solar tax credit the PA government is supporting renewable energy making going solar affordable. Here are some of the statewide solar incentives that make solar a great investment.

Net metering

This program allows you to sell the excess energy back to the grid at the retail price. This makes your energy bills much lower and prevents excess electricity from going to waste.

Pennsylvania’s net-metering programs offered by PECO Energy, PPL Electric Utilities and some other electric companies are extremely beneficial to homeowners.

Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs)

Under this program you can generate one certificate for every Mw/h. SRECs can then be sold to utilities that have legal obligations to support renewable energy. SRECs can help the homeowners lower or eliminate their energy bills and shorten the pay off period of their systems.

Pennsylvania Solar Tax Credit

Unfortunately, Pennsylvania doesn't offer a property tax credit or a sales tax exemption, but it does offer the federal solar tax credit, that can help you reduce the cost of your solar system by up to 26% if you buy it with cash or a solar loan by December 31, 2022. It will drop to 22% for systems installed in 2023. So, if you are considering going solar, it’s better to be done as soon as possible to get all the benefits that are currently offered by the state.

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