The LG Chem battery is a compact solar energy storage system device. It is designed to store excess solar energy generated by your system. You can use solar energy to power your home when you need it most, such as during a power outage or at night. By installing LG Chem, you can enjoy the highest level of quality, reliability, and freedom.


The LG Chem battery is a lithium-ion DC battery, which means that less energy is lost when the battery is charged and discharged, if compared with AC batteries. This also means that LG Chem won’t be compatible with every inverter type. For example, it won’t be possible to use it with microinverters. Our highly qualified installers will make sure all your equipment is compatible.

It’s best to install it in a garage or other indoor location, out of direct sunshine and heat, as high temperatures can cause battery aging and affect storage capacity.

In total, these batteries provide a rated capacity of 9.8 kWh. If a second battery is installed, the system capacity can be increased to 19.6 kWh. The usable capacity of one unit is 9.3 kWh, and two units are 18.6 kWh.


  • Backup battery for use at night or in case of a power outage;
  • It's smaller and lighter in weight compared to other types of batteries;
  • Installation and maintenance are easy;
  • Capable of discharging up to 95% of its maximum capacity (depth of discharge);
  • Storage capacity can be scaled up, if you use two or more batteries;
  • Efficiency is 94.5%, producing 9.45 kWh for every 10 kWh of stored energy (outperforms competitors).


Generally, the LG Chem batteries are regarded as one of the best solar storage options in the industry. Their success is based on several factors, performance, service and unique cell design among them. Their price is also one of their biggest advantages, while they meet most homeowners' needs for backup power and energy storage. Feel free to contact us to learn more about the LG Chem batteries’ advantages and pricing!

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