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When considering going solar many homeowners think of whether they need solar batteries added to their systems. Though adding a solar battery is optional, it has its benefits:

  • Solar batteries have you covered during blackouts giving you access to clean and reliable energy at any time.
  • Installing a backup battery for your home solar system can help you save money and provide you with energy security for your home, so you don't have to worry about bad weather.

  • Solar storage protects you from rising energy costs giving you control over your energy needs.
  • Homeowners who install energy storage systems find that their energy costs are greatly reduced because these unique batteries allow them to make the most of their solar panels and store their generated energy for foggy, gray, or overcast days when the panels' capacity is reduced, or during power or grid outages. Many people even choose to completely disconnect from the grid using solar panels.

  • Solar batteries add value to your solar investment.

Currently, solar panels and energy storage work just like any other battery: they are charged by the sun's energy. In cases where solar panels cannot actively produce electricity, the energy stored in the batteries is used by the home's system.

Choosing a solar battery for your system, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Capacity determines how much energy can be stored. It is the number of kilowatt-hours.
  • Solar panels can really help you save on your energy bills, but without storage, they can't store the excess energy generated for future use. Capacity influences how long you can power your home.

  • Power output determines how many things you can power at the same time. It is listed in kilowatts.
  • Cost is the price you will have to pay.
  • Solar panels and energy storage provide significant benefits for consumers, the energy industry, and the economy in general.

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